We believe in exploring, understanding, adapting & implementing the best in our business to drive the growth & success of our company as well as meeting the customer need. The team working with us is enthusiastic & has always exceeded the expectations set by the company. Here are the key points of our style of working:

  • We understand the nature of fashion business & capture product information with respect to its design, fabric, trims, packing & folding methods in written format known as Tech pack.
  • Conduct “product production feasibility” to finalize the vendor base for its production.
  • Conduct “Product quality plan” to ensure product is produced with its desired quality, every bodies participation is required to achieve total quality of product.
  • Buyers are always kept in loop for product review & approval at all preproduction stage just before starting the bulk production.
  • In-line and Final inspections
  • We always offer the best price deal to our customers, by working with vertically integrated set up’s.